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What We Bring To The Table

At Spinx Transportation, we go beyond just trucks and their drivers. Our drivers outshine everything we expect of them, and we continue to grow our driver capacity with a very low turnover rate. Our equipment is new and maintained well to allow us to boast exceptional up time while minimizing en-route issues. And our relationship with ACE Energy allows us to minimize retains and supply. From seamless scheduling and invoicing to going beyond the average transportation company, Spinx Transportation brings more to the table than our competitors.


In 2018, we made a concentrated effort to grow our capacity to meet the heavy demand that existed in our market. We found that experienced drivers needed a place that supported their ambitions and companies needed a place that could handle their volume effectively. We are proud to have grown our driver capacity by 27% in 2019 with a turnover rate less than 2%.  Since 2014, 12 of our drivers have been awarded Driver of the Month. In 2016 we were honored to have our 16 year veteran, Degrant, be awarded Driver of the Year. Our safety and drive in 2020 culminated in STC being awarded the Grand Truck Safety through the South Carolina Trucking Association. We are proud of our family. You can have confidence and peace of mind in the accuracy and safety of your delivery.


Since 2010 we have doubled our power units and trailers. Our goal is to continue that growth. All of our leased equipment is new and well maintained. This allows for exceptional up time and minimal en-route issues.

Today, over a third of our fleet is equipped with pumps and experienced pump drivers.


Our scheduling team operates 24/7 utilizing the best in online tank monitoring and dispatching software. Our algorithm for supply is second to none in site usage predictability. This allows us to keep stores full and respond to call and demand. Whether you have a monitoring need or call and demand, your business and inventories can be maximized with us.

In the 4th quarter of 2019 we completed the implementation of seamless billing from truck to invoice.

More Than Just Freight

Retains and Supply are continuous issues in your day to day operations. STC’s relationship with ACE Energy allows us to minimize those occurrences with a proprietary Gas and Diesel supply and site access for retains.